To Singapore, with Love (2013)

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Singapore Director Tan Pin Pin travels to Malaysia, UK and Thailand to interview long term Singapore political exiles, some of whom have not been back to Singapore for more than 50 years. They talk about why they left and what Singapore still means to them today. They all fled Singapore in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to escape the prospect of detention without trial. Some were activists or student leaders whilst others were card carrying communists. Through their interviews, you get a glimpse of a Singapore that could have been.

To Singapore, with Love, this award-winning film which screened to full houses the world over, has been banned from public screenings in Singapore for “undermining national security”.

Because of the ban, this film is available for pay-per-view streaming in all territories except for Singapore.

70 mins, 16:9, DCP, English, Mandarin, Malay and Hainanese, with English and Chinese subtitles


  • Winner, Best Director, Muhr AsiaAfria Documentary Awards. Dubai International Film Festival
  • Winner, Best Asean Documentary, Special Mention, Salaya International Documentary Festival
  • Winner, Asian Cinema Fund, Busan International Film Festival
  • Winner, Best Asean Documentary, Special Mention, Freedom Film Festival

Selected Screenings

  • 64th Berlinale, Forum
  • Art of the Real, Film Society of Lincoln Center, USA
  • Taiwan International Documentary Festival
  • World Premiere, In Competition, Busan International Film Festival 2013
  • Para-Site, Hong Kong


Ho Juan Thai 何元泰
Ang Swee Chai & the late Francis Khoo 洪瑞釵与邱甲祥
Sylvia Khoo
Christina Khoo
Ang Swee Kim
Wong Soon Fong 黄信芳
The late Liu Bo 刘波
Tan Wah Piow 陈华彪 & family
Mr & Mrs Tan Hee Kim 陈喜金与 叶婉珍
Chan Sun Wing 陈新嵘
Kua Kia Soong
Mr & Mrs He Jin 贺巾与 苏世华
Chong Ton Sin
The late Dr Lim Hock Siew
Poh Soo Kai 傅树介
Rose Tan Jing Quee 陈仁贵夫人
Said Zahari 赛·扎哈利
Tan Kok Fang
Music: Francis Khoo


Directed, Produced and Photographed by Tan Pin Pin ???
“15th of February” and “Anak Pulau Singapura” composed and performed by the late Francis Khoo.
Sound Editor: Justin Seah
Sound Re-recording Mixer: Leslie Low
Sound Post Producer: Vivian Wang
Colourist: David Shiyang Liu
Production Support: Josephine Seetoh
Additional Photography: Eric Youwei Lim
Graphics: Daryl Ho
Translator: Tan Dan Feng
Editor: Delcie Poh
Transcriber: Anonymous
DCP Production: Chai Yee Wei



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