Hoi Polloi #2

lucy USA post.jpg

In the USA recently, I met Lucy. Top five questions for a US post mail lady.

1 You deliver your own mail?
Yes, I live in the area I deliver mail to. In fact, that is why I chose to live here, so I can come home in between mail drops to have a cup of tea or snack, listen to music.

2 What did you do before you emigrated to the USA?
I was a professor in the College of Physical Education in Anhui Province China. If I stayed on, I would be a principal by now.

3 So why did you come to the USA
The usual reasons, for my children.

4 Was it hard to get into the postal service?
Yes, I had to take four exams, including being tested for a good memory. My English is not good but I got in because of timing. I took my exam during 9/11 anthrax mail scare, people were not interested then. Now, even people with masters degrees dont get in

5 Can you give me a ride in your van
Sorry no, its against regulations.

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