Just received this email from Emily, the marketing manager for the Substation. They police have at the last minute cancelled the Burma Peace concert. These cancellations seem less and less tenable more so because they always do it at the last minute, when everything is already organised. The recent Tunnel Party (civil society gathering, with stalls and music) had the rug pulled at the last minute too. Cancelled at the 11th hour, just when you think you got it in the bag – just cos they can, just to break you.

Dear supporters of The Substation & Timbr, The Peace Concert for Burma that we were planning to present tomorrow will need to be postponed. The police informed us today that we cannot hold the concert outdoors, because it is “cause” related.

We are in the process of re-scheduling the event for sometime in November, and with a change in venue to an indoor location, namely The Substation Theatre.

We’ll keep you posted on the details once we have the required approvals.

Thanks for your understanding and support, and well be in touch soon.

From The Substation and Timbr.