1 in a million

What are the chances of stumbling on an archaeological dig, in in the heart of town, at City Hall, no less?

In Singapore, not too difficult as these German tourists have found. They found Lim Chen Sian and his merry men and women excavating the City Hall and the Padang. The archaeologists are peeking under to find out what lies beneath before the earth gets churned in the construction of the National Gallery that is to be housed there. They will be there until 9 January. If you are in the area, when you go say hi, buy them nice iced Cokes! (or beer)

Chen Sian looking askance at German tourists, Wee Sheau Thng is in the pit, both in their regulation cargo pants they wore in Invisible City : )

Cricket Club in the background.

The German tourists must have been thrilled that they found gas masks and helmets from the Japanese Occupation in the field. I certainly was.

Happy new year