About Serangoon Road

A little about where this blog is sited, quoted from our Facebook Neighbourhood Group Blurb, (yes we do have a Serangoon Rd “gang”), written by Tessa Wong

“Foreign workers galore dashing across traffic willy-nilly, the narrow aisles of Mustafa, Sheng Siong, Tekka, the litter on the streets after Saturday and Sunday nights, the red light districts at Rowell, Desker and Somme Roads, the backpacker pubs at Dunlop Street, the Teochew Opera Drama Association, the vegetable stands at Campbell Road, the art strip at Kerbau Road, the snarly-toothed fake tigers at the Thai Buddhist temple at Racecourse Road, the myriad of Indian deities perched on the Indian temples’ facades, the good South Asian food, the bad South Asian food, the Hing Hwa community, Kitchener Road’s warring Putien restaurants, the NEL, p-10, the Perumal “boho enclave” (hur hur), the Indian beauty salons on Buffalo Street, the strange karaoke bar/whorehouse around Sing Avenue with a wall mural of stick-figure instructions on how to play cricket, the ABC store, the five-foot-way tailors which fix trousers for $2, the moaning cranes stacking up the City Square Development and inexorably gentrifying the area, the heat, the noise, the colour, everything!”