Can dance a little

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At Pusan, not quite by accident, we Southeast Asian filmmakers fell in together drinking every night with different people joining us each night. In typical Asean fashion, the Singaporeans amongst us, myself and Kan Lume (“Solos”) could not drink, could not sing, not even a little. So they humoured us while we sipped teaspoons of shochu (korean saki, sorry I keep using Jap references) and they downed bottle after bottle of that stuff in our favourite faux Japanese bar Minami

Picture L-R, Aditya Assarat (Thai Director, Wonderful Town), Soros (Producer, Wonderful town), Kan Lume, Miyonne Lee (PIFF guest co-ordinator), Cherubic Liew Seng Tat (Director Flower in my Pocket, Malaysia), missing from this picture, Jim Meer Libiran (Filipino Director, Tribe) and his wife Michelle. As mentioned in a previous post, Seng Tat and Aditya Juke shared top prizes.

A picture of Seng Tat the morning after