Education at Large: 1945-1965

I asked my father what he was doing during the Hock Lee Bus riots, he said, “I was watching from the sidelines, too chicken to participate, I wasn’t brave like them”. Them being students from Chinese schools. What was it about those English medium schools that bred folks like him.

A Forum in Mandarin and English – Presented by THE TANGENT
“The aftermath of the World War II witnessed in Asia a surge in national consciousness and the desire for decolonisation. Despite being confronted with the laborious tasks of tackling poverty and the rebuilding of economy and society, Singapore exhibited remarkable cultural, intellectual and political vibrancy. How did it feel like to be a student in this age characterised by both great uncertainty and hope? What were students preoccupied with then? What were their general concerns and interests? How did they respond to major social and political developments? Did students engage in “star-gazing” then? Where were their favourite haunts? Find out more from our two speakers who have lived through that tumultuous but exciting era.
Koh Tai Ann (Professor, Division of English, Nanyang Technological University)
Han Tan Juan (History Researcher/ Retired Journalist)
3rd February 2007, Saturday 2.00 – 5.00 pm, FREE
The Pod, Level 16, Lee Kong Chian Reference Library
National Library Board, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064

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