Singapore GaGa’s porno grab

The Singapore GaGa site has been hijacked by a porno site because I was too busy and forgot to renew my domain name (ie singaporegaga dot com) so someone else bought it (Russian) and put the most heinous picture on the homepage. They put the picture there to taunt me I am sure.

The fact that you have to now be confronted with a picture of a woman being raped on the splash page, is at the end of the day, my fault.

I could write to the new owners, ask them to give it back to me for a fee (they will squeeze me hard I know, so one has to be nonchalant in these negotiations) or just wait for the address to expire after one year, hope they don’t renew it, and then try to buy it back

Couple of things

1) Please accept my apologies if you have to accidentally see the site, I was traumatised

2) Don’t ever let this happen to you, this could have been prevented if I took my domain name re-sellers email warnings more seriously, but my emails overflowed and it was forgotten

3) This article gives you some guidance as to what to do when something like this happens, not much, since it lapsed and was legitimately bought
4) I am now going through my sites to redirect all stuff to

If you happen to link Singapore GaGa somewhere, pls change the links too!