Invisible City

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The end of the production of Invisible City marks the beginning of another phase, the publicising of its run next month at The Arts House. This new phase is more fun. You get to meet people rather than sweat in the edit room agonising about how to subtitle “immortal” in Chinese. In this phase, I feel a like a politician at election time, shaking hands, kissing babies and in between, telling people about the film. But this is necessary. For without a marketing budget, how else are people going to find out about this if not through the horses mouth herself? So yesterday, Rojak was kind enough to let me gatecrash their swell party at National Stadium to play the trailer (world premiere!). Today, I find myself at another gathering to introduce the film. And so it will be for the next two months. I am fortunately helped by Mindwasabi and Teng Qian Xi. If you’d like to help help us publicise, link Invisible’s site to yours or even better, hang a film still which you can download from Thank you!