Invisible in france

Invisible City is screening at Cinema du Reel, in Seoul at Indiespace and at Busan Cinemateque these two weeks. I am unable to attend the screenings. Marie Pierre Duhamel, the director for Cinema du Reel heaved and said that I was the first director to her knowledge who has a film in competition who isn’t present at her own film’s French premiere, she sounded indignant and full of regret. So I am spiritually in France now trying to decipher the French reception of the movie. I came across this review, and using Google’s translator I got this…

If Fronterismo of the young Sofie Benoot ignores all its promises – were missing in the script elements of a purely technical nature of this situation Mexican border it is perhaps not too late to introduce to the rest of his excellent work would read better – Invisible City of Singaporean Tan Pin Pin, on the contrary, showed a mastery didactic. The director convenes in front of his camera archaeologists, journalists, photographers, witnesses to try, not to give substance to a Singapore of the past, but to talk about the challenges and difficulties of such a refund. Characters out of breath say the urgency, the need to transmit anthropological, the duty of truth despite the censorship But also the challenge of trade.

Invisible City has a life of its own now and I can’t keep up with it