Launching on 16 August 3 DVD boxed set

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This 3-DVD set is being launched on Sat, Aug 16 at Kinokuniya (3pm, Takashimaya) and on Fri 29 Aug at Books Actually (7.30-8pm). I will be there to give short talk. You are invited! We are giving out FREE Invisible City Posters to people who buy it at this two events. Nice posters, while stocks last!

You can buy it from Kinokuniya, HMV, Books Actually, Objectifs, Banyan Tree Museum shop outlets from 16 Aug onwards, international buyers click here. Its SGD 49.50 (USD 35).

Most of the past few months was spent on producing the Invisible City DVD. It contains audio commentary with myself and script consultant Tan Siok Siok, (possibly a first for a Singapore film to provide that) a filmlet using Ivan Polunin’s sound archives, and our trailer. The DVD liner notes are by Alfian Sa’at. ampulets assisted with the with copywriting and photos. The set was conceptualised and packaged by Mindwasabi/MartinOng, authored by Lillian Wang and distributed by Objectifs. I hope you will like this combination of energies and talent.

Whats inside this boxed set?
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Back of Box “If a city could speak of its loves and regrets, Tan Pin Pins Invisible City, Singapore GaGa, and Moving House suggest that we would do well by listening to the music its people make, the stories they tell and the silences they maintain. Each of the films questions the relationship between these individual expressions with the collective experience in Singapore. Tan Pin Pins voice is thoughtful and generous. The award-winning films in this Collection never miss the humour, warmth and passions of the city-states residents.”

A Chinese activist roots for a place in history books, Maybe we were the losers, but history is made by winners and losers. A young archaeologist digs up trash from the colonial period in the jungle, he swoons over a bottle from 1956. Through its overtly fragmented form, Tans highly original film essay suggests that no overall picture can be derived from these traces. But she also shows that theres no memory without purpose: it is capital, duty, compensation, usually self-serving and always biased. This ?lm won the Prix International de la Scam at Cinma du Rel.
Audio commentary with director Tan Pin Pin and script consultant Tan Siok Siok
Ivan Polunins sound archive.
Liner notes by Alfian Saat
English and Chinese subtitles(?????)
FORMAT DVD-9 Region 0

A city symphony like no other. Using mass displays like the National Day Parade, school cheers, public announcements as well as performances by harmonica virtuoso Yew Hong Chow, pianist Margaret Leng Tan and itinerant buskers, we discover Singaporeans complex relationship with Singapore. This documentary touches on the desire to be seen, to be heard and to belong.
Interview with Director
Deleted scenes
Trailers. Short film by Tan Pin Pin Rogers Park
English and Chinese subtitles (?????).
FORMAT DVD-9 Region 0

For Singaporeans, moving, rebuilding, resettling whether voluntary or involuntary, is a way of life. After development, comes redevelopment. This multi-award winning documentary is based on Tans own familys experience when she had to exhume her great grandfathers grave in 1995.
FORMAT DVD-9 Region 0