Love, actually


So I am in Seoul, and I just for the hell of it am staying at a budget hotel which in Korea is also a love hotel. It is clean and presentable, though the towels are small (who needs to shower!), it has one porn channel, one Go (Japanese chess) channel, red carpet and optional pink lighting. I even have a window.

The love hotel turns out to be a lot less sleazy than I expected (I watch too much TV). Perhaps because its in the Yonsei University and Ehwa Unversity district, there are many younger couples. If its a straight couple, its the guy who pays, while his girl friend waits by his side with a bottle of drink and snacks bought from the near by Family Mart (7-11). No names are asked or given, a key is given and a small bag possibly containing condoms along with it. They are not shy, nor brazen, just matter of fact, actually