Mission Statements Galore

A random survey of mission statements of different schools. Fun reading!

From Doon School, India

“Each boy must train himself to think clearly so that he will be willing to come to conclusions that may be different from what he has expected and may point to something different from what we were brought up to believe to be the accepted order. He must train his body to undergo hardships and be prepared for unexpected discomforts, and above all he must awaken and sharpen his sympathies for and understanding of people outside his own class and circle”

From Friend’s School, Tasmania, Australia

“We seek to help our students develop into men and women who will think clearly, act with integrity, make decisions for themselves, be sensitive to the needs of others, be strong in service and to hold a
global perspective.”

From Raffles Institution, Singapore

“Nurturing Thinkers, Leaders and Pioneers of character who serve by leading and lead in serving”.

Yes, we are in the midst of the search for an Artistic Director for the Substation, and the mission and purpose of the Substation has been very much on our minds. What exactly does the Substation represent, and what outcome are we building towards? As they say, “What is our value-add”?

Raffles statement seems the safest, to produce citizens to feed the system. The former two, centred on values, appear the most anarchic. I would love to see how they effect those values. Its interesting that Doon school makes privations part of the curriculum. Famously, students are only allowed toast and tea for breakfast, privations necessary to allow them to stand alone if needed.