Month of living dangerously

Its been one of the most exciting past 6 weeks which rejigged my insides
Volunteered with hospitality at the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) – was girl friday to Amos Gitai, fetched him coffee etc etc
Watched and liked his films One Day You Will Understand, Free Zone, Promised Land
Conducted James Lee’s Q&A for Call if You Need Me at SIFF

Went to Police HQ to get a licence for Amir Muhammed’s film’s Q&A (a first in Singapore, a licence for a film’s Q&A?)
Almost ran for politics (Arts NMP)

Canvassed for people to attend AWARE’S EOGM (“I am not very political” “sorry I got something on”)

Voted for an Arts NMP (Congrats Audrey, Loretta)

Voted at the Aware’s EOGM
Voted at my block’s Lift Upgrading Programme (Free walnut cake!)

Was a matchmaker and chaperoned a friend on a blind date (Food was good)

Attended my first EOGM. It was better than a rock concert, you all should have come

Wrote a script outline and now clearing the deck to write it.
Wrote a grant proposal for a documentary and submitted it in the middle of all that

Shot for a documentary that yet has no name

Edited three essays that came in for spores!

Met the Swedes

Attended an accordion concert

Went bowling


One plug, please go watch Sell Out by Yeo Joon Han, its probably the last week in the cinemas. Its like a good Raffles Hall skit +++ side splittingly silly funny, has a protagonist called Rafflesia Pong