Permissible noise limits

This is a follow up from my previous post “How I met my neighbours or why I invited the Minister to my home”

Contrary to what people think, building construction can take place in Singapore 24/7 at 365 days/year even in high density residential areas. The regulations permit it.

See it for yourself. Download the NEA regulations here. Choose “Control of Noise at Construction site”, page 4

If your construction site is within 150m from a residential area, you can bang away in flagrante as long as you don’t exceed these “permissible construction noise limits”

7am-7pm >> 75 dBA

7pm-10pm >> 65 dBA

10pm-7am >> 55 dBA

These permissible levels are high and skew far in favour of the contractor. You can technically bang away at 3am too, you are allowed. The regulations do not diifferentiate between weekdays and Sundays/PH

If you are lucky, you will live beside a site with reasonable contractors, others are not so lucky. For us over here, we have been suffering for more than 15 months.

We have called and appealed to the NEA to no avail.

The regulations need to change, now. This is where a “light touch pro-business” approach should not apply

I speak for all those out there who have to decamp, shutter our homes on Sundays to escape the din and why should we? Its our home too