Pusan International Film Festival

The Asian Film Festival starts on 4 October. This year there is a special side bar showcasing of Malaysian Films. Included in the line up are works by Yasmin Ahmad (Muksin), the debut feature by Liew Seng Tat (which is running for the New Asian Currents Prize) which I am looking forward to, Amir’s Village People Radio Show, Deepak Menon’s latest “Dancing Bells” (he of “Gravel Road” about rubber tappers), and also Woo Ming Jin’s (Monday Morning Glory) latest feature. Also new shorts by Tan Chui Mui (Love Conquers All) and Ho Yuhang (Rain Dogs). Yes, I am pleased that so many of you are doing so well, that you were able to do all this with negligible government support and (perhaps because of that) you were able to keep close to your vision which has defined you. Yes, I am basking in the unearned glory by virtue of my close proximity to you. (plus my mother is Malaysian)

On the Singapore side, Invisible City is screening as is Solos, Pleasure Factory (set in Red light district Geylang), Ah Ma (Cannes short) and 881. But we got no special side bar programme lah, not yet!

Meanwhile From Thailand, Juke’s (Aditya Assarat) debut feature “Wonderful Town” is also in the running for the New Asian Currents Prize.