Radio Show @ Pu Tien Restaurant

Another Chinese Radio Interview, this time for FM95.8. Slightly different from the usual, I get to pick a restaurant I like to go to, talk about the food and on the side, talk about Invisible City. I chose Pu Tien Restaurant, 127 Kitchener Road, its near my studio, it has good food and I like the easy, yet slightly more formal ambience. The boss Mr Fang from Pu Tien himself welcomed us with an amazing spread. He also plied us with Chinese vodka, at least 50% proof, it was so strong it stunned us into silence. This man knows his food. he describes it as an avid gardener would talk about his blooms, quietly, confidently and with alot of love. Before I left, he asked me to leave a copy of Invisible City with him, he has business contacts in China and can get me distributed there. He says Chinese people are hungry for documentaries.


Wong Lee Jeng interviews Mr Fang. Tune into FM95.8 on Wed, 11.45 18 July to hear about the restaurant