Shooting with film!

A few of us were given Diana F+ camera recently to play with. Its a fully manual medium format still camera made entirely of plastic and the photos are now on display at Objectifs. The photos, blown up to 5×5 inches are on sale from S$5+, all proceeds go to AWARE. Of all our works, I highly recommend Grace Tan’s (kwodrent) F+ experiments, they blew me away, I bought a few of her works.

What is interesting with film cameras like F+ is you can’t really see what you are shooting (the viewfinder isn’t accurate), so you exercise a totally different set of muscles as you visualise the photograph. It is a good pedagogical tool too since everything is manual. I love the pinhole camera function

Dates: The exhibition Mar 20 – Apr 14, Mon – Fri 11am – 7pm, Sat 1pm – 5pm
Venue: Lomographic Embassy Singapore / Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Filmmaking
12A Liang Seah Street
Details: Free admission, open to public