Singapore GaGa Premieres on TV

Sunday 12 August, 9pm, Arts Central, part of the other National Day Celebrations.

I wasn’t watching this on TV that night but according to this blogger who did, some bits of the Singapore GaGa telecast were omitted, when the tissue seller Ms Liang sang her “Jesus is Great” song in Hokkien dialect and our ensuing conversation after, and when the clog stomping juggler was recounting his experience of police brutality. Its not entirely obvious to me why these bits and not others were excised. But it gives you an idea of what is considered ‘sensitive’ in Singapore. In hindsight, I wish I had factored in my contract that I be consulted as to what be cut out. But I really I should be glad that they did not to cut out the National Day Parade segment since it was shown over the the Parade weekend! That would be tragic. Small victories.