Singaporeans in Berlinale

Filmmakers going: Anthony Chen (Haze), Tan Siok Siok (Boomtown Beijing), Lillian Wang (Talent Campus).

Distributors Gilbert Lim, Yuen Ping?, Thomas Chia and journo Douglas Tseng on a junket

I think the papers missed this. Eva Tang’s short film Londres-London won The Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film Competition Award and Han Yew (“Unarmed Combat”) Kwang won the Audience Award at Lyon’s Asian Film Festival for his short 18 grams of Love. Wow Audience Award.

Invisible City screens at the Bangkok Fringe Festival today as part of a Southeast Asian film programme curated by Chalida. Read in the Nation what she has to say about the programme

“Undeniably, there has been a phenomenal awareness on the international film festival circuit of independent film-makers from Southeast Asia. Names like Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Garin Nugroro and Lav Diaz are no longer strangers. In this program, I would like to introduce the next wave. They are names that might not be too familiar today, but you will hear more and more of them in the near future.” More

At Berlin, I would like to catch James Benning’s RR (after reading so much about his films, I should see it), Aditya’s Wonderful Town which I missed at Pusan, Bunuel on film for a change. I hear Bruce La Bruce is screening or did I imagine that?