Snow City Premieres in Paris

Pin Pin Tan
2011 / Singapour / 15 min
Ours polaires, inauguration en grande pompe d’un tunnel routier ou douche de camions sur un chantier; de cette promenade surprenante dans Singapour sourd un humour aussi discret qu’absurde.
Polar bears, the fanfare of a road tunnel inauguration or a truck wash on a building site; from this surprising stroll around Singapore, there wells up a discreet yet absurd humour.
3 screenings
Vendredi/ Friday, 23 Mars 16H30 Cinéma 2
Dimanche/ Sunday, 25 Mars 13H00 Cinéma 1
Mercredi/Wednesday, 28 Mars 17H00 Centre Wallonie Bruxelles
I was making a film about the aura of places in Singapore so I traveled around Singapore and filmed my surrounds with a heightened state of awareness. The familiar, like cleaners washing tires, became unfamiliar, and the ordinary, office workers going out for lunch, extraordinary. This “tour” was undertaken in 2006 and though the project morphed into an entirely different film (Invisible City, 2007) some of these images which were not used refused to leave my mind. Every now and again, I would go back to review the rushes knowing that there was a thread through them but I could not quite articulate it.

One day, under a deadline for the Singapore Biennale, we revisited the images and in three days Sun Koh and I cut SNOW CITY together. I believe one of the roles of cinema is to make dreamscapes out of the familiar. In SNOW CITY I invite visitors to lock step with me as I explore this dreamlike terrain, this headspace, this way of seeing.

I will be present at the screenings.