The Straits Times came up with their Annual Power List of Arts Curators in Singapore. Most of the people anointed belong to established Art institutions like the Singapore Art Museum, the National Heritage Board etc. Here’s the Fly by Night Power List of Movers and Shakers, not in any particular order

Kelley Cheng (Page One/Ish/Night and Day Bar)
Yuni Hadi, Objectifs/Singapore International Film Festival
Heman Chong, Artist/Curator
Jennifer Teo/Woon Tien Wei (Post Museum ex-p-10) (Rojak organisers, Torrance Goh, Kelvin Ang and Friends)
Shaiful and friends at
Stefan Shih (the googled eye reviewer of a nutshell review, do you sleep Stefan?)
Randy Ang and Nicholas Chee, the Everywhere boys who created and now run Sinema Old School
Ng How Wee, 100.3 DJ/writer/playwright/teacher by day
Chua Ai Lin, long time moderator of the Singapore Heritage Yahoo listserv
Dave Chua, long time moderator of the Singapore Film website,

There you go, the 11 who have taken it upon themselves (usually outside their day job) to consistently create communities, promote new ways of thinking/seeing, jumpstart/promote others’ work.

Onward and Upward